Tax Dollars For Youth Sex

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1.  Advocates for Youth:  National Youth HIV Awareness Day.  youth-thumbnail

AFY is a source of explicit sexualization programs for public schools.  They do not teach youth to abstain from sex.  In fact, they lobby heavily against abstinence education.  Endorsed by the CDC.

2.  Planned Parenthood Federation of America:   sexual health programs throughout the U.S. public school system.

PPFA sex-ed-banner Taxpayer-funded PPFA is a primary source of sexual health programs.  PPFA is notoriously hostile toward abstinence education programs.  The Obama Administration shares that sentiment.  In fact, as soon as he took office, President Obama officially discontinued the federal abstinence program known as the Teen Chat Program: A Guide To Discussing Healthy Relationships.  The program engaged parental involvement.  No more.  (Source for the banner.)

3. Planned Parenthood Federation of America:  LGBT advocacy, HIV testing.

da8dd306e9ac66b1d63e9ca57c922343 What is PPFA’s advice to youth for preventing an HIV infection and spreading HIV?

“Each of us must decide what risks we will take for sexual pleasure.”

Does PPFA give abstinence advice?  You have to look for it.  “There are many ways you can protect yourself from HIV. The surest way is to abstain from sexual intercourse… ” see more.  However, PPFA lobbies hard against abstinence programs hiring the ACLU.