Sex Trafficking of Children


Is it true that sex traffickers are afraid of getting HIV infection from adult sex workers?  Is this why they target our children?!  Yes!

Published literature points to an increasing demand for younger children and virgins, partly fueled by the fear of HIV/AIDS.

Sexual slavery without borders: trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation in India.  National Library of Medicine.

Sex trafficking increases the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.[129] The HIV/AIDS pandemic can be both a cause and a consequence of sex trafficking. On one hand, child-prostitutes are sought by customers because they are perceived as being less likely to be HIV positive, and this demand leads to child sex trafficking. On the other hand, trafficking leads to the proliferation of HIV, because victims, being vulnerable and often young/inexperienced, cannot protect themselves properly, and get infected.[130]

Once again we see another “unintended consequence” to the problem that exists because HIV/AIDS was politicized by U.S. males who have sex with males.

United States Child Sex Trafficking Resource Center