HIV-Positive Blood Donors?

Guess whose idea this is?  President Barack Husein Obama!  The Left won’t rest until everyone is equally at risk for getting an HIV infection!

What about the innocent person who dies from an HIV-tainted Blood Transfusion?  What about their “civil rights?”

Obama and FDA: Let Gay Men Donate Blood – Breitbart

The Obama administration, more interested in pleasing its LGBT supporters than in protecting the health of the general public, is proposing “new rules” through the FDA that would terminate the 32-year-old ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men.

Hilariously, the FDA would still ban gay men from donating if they confess to having sex with a man within a year before donating blood.

The FDA did admit that “some individuals knowingly donate despite the deferral.”

Article at Breitbart.

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Because it’s “a civil rights issue.”

Articles Against

Food and Drug Administration

Why doesn’t FDA allow men who have had sex with men to donate blood? …. HIV among Gay and Bisexual Men · Public Workshop – Quarantine Release Errors …

Panel Recommends U.S. Keep Ban on Gay Blood Donors

Efforts to overturn a ban on gay male blood donors suffered a setback Thursday, but the government is still considering lightening the rule, implemented 15 years ago out of fear of AIDS.

A panel of scientists voted 7-6 on Thursday to recommend the Federal Drug Administration keep the ban in place, citing concern that there wasn’t enough evidence about how the move might affect the AIDS risk to the nation’s blood supply.

Articles in Favor

Whining about so-called “stigma” — which blames everyone else — and imaginary “discrimination.”

Notice the absence of facts!

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CHLP joins National LGBTQ Task Force in Task Force’s Comments to FDA Re Unsupported Blood Donation Restrictions on MSM, IVDUs and Sex Workers

(IVDU – intravenious drug user)

However, despite these scientific achievements affecting HIV/AIDS, the FDA’s proposals maintain discriminatory practices in their deferral policies for men who have sex with men (MSM), people who have injected drugs (PWID), and people who have engaged in sex work (PSW).  The comments recommend several changes to the FDA’s donor deferral policy that would reduce harmful stigma towards marginalized groups of people and more accurately reflect the nation’s scientific knowledge about HIV/AIDS.

Notice the absence of facts.


FDA proposes letting gay men donate blood, with some caveats – LA Times

FDA proposes letting gay and bisexual men donate blood, as long as it’s been a year since same-sex relations.  The ban, instated in 1985 in the early years of the AIDS epidemic, has long been criticized by members of the medical community and portrayed by LGBT groups as a civil rights issue.

FDA Recommends Lifting Lifetime Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood – Huffpo

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s administration on Tuesday recommended ending the lifetime ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood, although sexually active gay men will still face hurdles as donors.

The new recommendations are contained in draft guidance issued by the Food and Drug Administration. The public will have 60 days to comment on the policy, and the FDA will later issue final rules.

May 12, 2015 – The FDA also handed a victory to transgender people, saying donors may choose how to identify their sex. … The American Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers, which collect donations, say the lifetime ban is unnecessary. … FDA says other countries have allowed gay and bisexual men to …

Fox News Channel

May 13, 2015 – WASHINGTON – The Food and Drug Administration is outlining its plan to end the nation’s lifetime ban on blood donations from gay and …

Ban on Gay Blood Donors May End. … at the New York Blood Center, the nation’s largest blood bank. The FDA had no official comment on the possible change.