Catholics Beware of the AARP

Catholics Beware of the AARP!

Robert W. Bleakney, Ph.D, a Catholic, says that AARP’s endorsement of “palliative care” means euthanasia:

“A similar question arises with regard to mercy-killing or euthanasia, which for the AARP can be a form of “palliative care.”  In The AARP Policy Book, the organization thus claims, “States should legally recognize physicians’ duty to provide palliative care sufficient to relieve patients’ pain, limited only by patients’ informed wishes and the limits of medical science.”

So strongly is the AARP committed to a right of assisted suicide for patients experiencing pain that it rejects a right of conscience should a healthcare professional understand a vocation of healing the sick to exclude one of killing the sick.  In Idaho, AARP was vocal in its opposition to Senate Bill No. 1353  that would (as summarized by Life News) “make it so pro-life health care workers don’t have to fear for their jobs if they decide they don’t want to dispense drugs that could be used to cause abortions or kill patients at the end of their life.”

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