Blame Everyone Else


Center for Disease Control.

Lying To Themselves

While it’s heartening to see that LGBT organizations exist to help their LGBT friends to navigate the health care industry, there remains a deep disconnect.  The LGBT community’s continual promotion of sex with multiple partners – through magazines, news outlets and pornographic videos and internet sites – creates the need in the first place!


Item No. 1  –  In 2015 Equality California Institute (EQCAI) launched a new initiative which will focus the “next phase of the LGBT rights movement” on perceived disparities and discrimination within health care programs.

Here they are BLAMING the Affordable Care Act:

Because of the Affordable Care Act, more people than ever have health insurance. However, LGBT people still suffer from negative health outcomes, including underinsurance and uninsurance, at higher rates than the general population. Equality California is committed to improving health outcomes and reducing disparities for all LGBT people . . .”  Link.

Equality California Institute’s “Fair Share Report”

Dear Governor Brown, Honorable Members of the California Legislature, California and local public policy makers, and members of the community:

On January 14th, 2015, the Equality California Institute sponsored the first convening of Fair Share for Equality in Sacramento. We are proud to present the inaugural report of the Equality California Institute and the companion reports of the program participants from this historic event.

As a result of long-term systemic discrimination and social bias, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people face significant disparities in their health and well-being compared to the broader community.  These disparities include disproportionately high rates of poverty, suicide, homelessness, isolation, substance abuse, violence, police profiling, and criminal convictions, and low rates of health insurance, among other things. These problems are more pronounced for our youth and seniors, communities of color, and the transgender and undocumented communities.

Equality California Institute’s groundbreaking Fair Share for Equality initiative was created to help address these disparities by educating legislators and policy makers to enable them to better understand how to allocate a “fair share” of budget resources to advance the health and well-being of California’s LGBT community.   Importantly, it also is intended to bring together leaders and experts to identify the programs most beneficial to the LGBT community, as well as those most in need of resources.

Link to the report.