AIDS Activists vs. Public Health Authority

The Politics of The AIDS Movement:  Blame Everyone Else

Recently, the AIDS Movement has been making claims that HIV-infected people avoid Testing and Prevention programs because these programs and its health workers  are perceived to be “homophobic” and they “discriminate.”  Is that accurate?  Would you avoid saving your health and your own life because of this rhetoric?

“The epidemic of fear, stigmatization and discrimination has undermined the ability of individuals, families and societies to protect themselves and provide support and reassurance to those affected. This hinders, in no small way, efforts at stemming the epidemic. It complicates decisions about testing, disclosure of status, and ability to negotiate prevention behaviours, including use of family planning services.”
“Homophobia continues to be a major barrier to ending the global AIDS epidemic.  In many countries, stigma and discrimination prevent LGBT people from accessing vital HIV prevention, testing, and treatment and care services. This means that many people are unknowingly living with HIV, or being diagnosed late when HIV is harder to treat. Homophobia and HIV. Avert.

How stigma affects the response to HIV

The WHO cites fear of stigma and discrimination as the main reason why people are reluctant to get tested, disclose their HIV status and take antiretroviral drugs.

One study found that participants who reported high levels of stigma were over four times more likely to report poor access to care. This contributes to the expansion of the global HIV epidemic and a higher number of AIDS-related deaths.

An unwillingness to take an HIV test means that more people are diagnosed late, when the virus may have already progressed to AIDS. This makes treatment less effective, increasing the likelihood of transmitting HIV to others, and causing early death.

Section I.  A Doctor Is Fired For Warning Against Gay Sex Practices

Dr. Paul Church refuse to affirm that homosexual behavior is a safe, healthy choice and that can be a career-killer for Christian physicians.

“Truly caring for the well-being of individuals requires telling them the truth about their choices.”
Dr church
– Dr. Paul Church, fired for telling the truth about homosexual behavior to hospital colleagues.

LGBT activists do not want to participate in prevention programs because they want to continue the practice of unprotected anal intercourse.  They agitate public health authorities for a cure.  They agitate for more “culturally sensitive” treatment.  To what ends are LGBT people willing to go in order to continue unhealthy behaviors?  A doctor who spoke the truth has been fired!

Dr. Church’s message he sent to the hospital CEO (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center  BIDMC).

The evidence is irrefutable that behaviors common within the homosexual community are unhealthy and high risk for a host of serious medical consequences, including STD’s, HIV and AIDS, anal cancer, hepatitis, parasitic intestinal infections, and psychiatric disorders.  Life expectancy is significantly decreased as a result of HIV/AIDS, complications from the other health problems, and suicide. This alone should make it reprehensible to the medical community, who has an obligation to promote and model healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

It is all together inappropriate for BIDMC to endorse, affirm, or encourage the behaviors “celebrated” by Gay Pride Week.  Sexual orientation has absolutely no direct bearing on work qualifications, and therefore does not require endorsement in the workplace. This action again jeopardizes the credibility of BIDMC as a healthcare institution and dishonors a large proportion of its community who continue to hold to the conviction that homosexuality is unnatural and immoral. . .

Instead, you have allowed the homosexual activists to expand their peculiar activities on campus and promoted these perversions in an institution-wide email message.  It is time to put our mission as a healthcare institution ahead of misguided zeal for political correctness and inclusiveness.  After all, inclusiveness of the wrong values and behaviors only serves to dishonor and discredit BIDMC and the larger community it represents.

This investigation is also not about whether you agree with my worldview or convictions.  What it is about is a fundamental freedom of expression of dissenting ideologies and even more than that, it is about an illogical, inappropriate policy decision on the part of the medical institution that flies in the face of our greater mission of promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

Timeline of the case.

Section 2.  Practicing Unprotected Sodomy:  A Well-Known Subculture

Why won’t the health authorities get tough?!

We provide this information to make our case that American radical homosexual males in power have no intention of preventing the spread of this horrible disease.  In addition, it illustrates the challenges that the public health authorities refuse to GET TOUGH on, such as threatening to revoke an HIV-positive male’s drivers license, revoking the right to vote, quarantine threats, and other demands.

Warning:  Links to Graphic Websites

Barebacking, Unbridled:  Thoughts From the HIV Community on Unprotected Sex

According to many studies, anywhere from 12 to 46 percent of men who have anal sex with other men in the U.S. are doing so without condoms — and meanwhile, for many gay men, HIV prevention messages have become like broken records.

May 14, 2015.

When I Was HIV Negative, I Was Scared of Sex With HIV-Positive People, Too

Despite my purported sex positive progressivism and my rejection of societal stigma and shame toward HIV-positive folks, at the end of the day, I just couldn’t do it.  I just wanted him to get out of my house.

In other words, I wanted to wash my hands of the uncomfortable, unpleasant, mortifying situation that I myself had created. Then again, the only person who was really embarrassed at the time, I’d later learn, was me.

Months later, I tested HIV positive.

Why Do Men Bareback? No Easy Answers

“There are abundant theories but no definitive answers about why gay men take sexual risks. After more than three decades of safer sex messages against the backdrop of gay men sickening horribly and then dying, new medical treatments have stemmed the tide of the pandemic and offered real hope for longer-term survival to people with HIV. Gay men want the AIDS epidemic to be over and want to be able to have sex without fear. They want to celebrate their desire without having to worry, negotiate, be fearful, or keep a shield of latex between themselves and their partners. Younger men want to experience pre-AIDS sex.” — Michael Shernoff

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Laying It Bare: Gay Men and Unprotected Sex in the Age of HIV/AIDS

“On one hand, you have ‘barebacking’ used very broadly to describe any unprotected anal intercourse. And usually it’s used in the context of gay men. And then on the other side, you have ‘barebacking’ used to really identify those that identify themselves as folks that bareback, or identify as a particular group of people who identify as a subculture of barebackers.” — Rashad Burgess

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Does Watching Bareback Porn Increase Your HIV Risk?

“In gay pornography, unprotected sex — once stigmatized in the post-AIDS era — is now a growing phenomenon. Websites blatantly market bareback scenes among Black men, and on several on-demand websites, bareback pornography is often rated most watched.” — Clarence A. Haynes

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The Hilarious Idiocy of Anonymous Gay Sex

“The joke, if there really is one, is on the bareback bottoms who ‘restrict’ their hookups to men who claim they are negative. These misguided folks are almost certainly already positive and don’t yet know it, leaving the door open for them to infect others.” — Mark S. King

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The Rising Rates of HIV Among Black and Latino Men: What’s Going On?

“Young, gay men of color are having unprotected sex for the very same reasons that everyone else is having unprotected sex: for love, for connection, for intimacy, for touch, for sex, for pleasure. There’s nothing different that’s happening. … More and more studies are beginning to show us that, in fact, gay men are practicing higher rates of safer sex than heterosexual folks.” — Francisco Roque

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This Positive Life: An Interview With HIV Prevention Activist Jose Ramirez

“If you’re an immigrant and you can’t get work, a lot of young people — or people in general — turn to commercial sex work. If you’re undocumented and you have a client who’s going to pay you at least $200 more to have unprotected sex, and you need that $200, you’re going to take it.” — Jose Ramirez

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The Bug Chaser’s Tale: An Interview — A Blog Entry by Dave R.

(March 3, 2014)
“‘I’ve never felt that there are deep-seated reasons why I bug-chased. For me it was the biggest thrill ever and just another sexual ‘kink’ if you like, like most people have.'”

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The New York Times.  Nov. 28, 2013

“In Barebacking Culture, HIV Is Embraced, Not Avoided”

Tim Dean.
Tim Dean, a professor of English and the director of the Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Culture at the State University of New York at Buffalo, is the author of “Unlimited Intimacy: Reflections on the Subculture of Barebacking: Reflections on the Subculture of Barebacking.”

Not everyone is terrified of H.I.V.  During the 1980s, we came to believe that getting infected with H.I.V. was the worst thing that could happen to you — worse even than cancer. People with AIDS appeared to die rapidly and horribly; not only that, they were regarded as socially dead from the moment they received an H.I.V.-positive diagnosis. The association with sex, particularly gay sex, loaded H.I.V./AIDS with more stigma than almost any contemporary illness.

But now North American gay men have been living with the virus in our communities — and in many of our bodies — for decades. Even before effective antiretroviral medications became available, we learned that HIV is not the most dreadful thing to befall a person. As one gay man put it, “I’ve had many worse things happen to me than being infected with H.I.V.; most of them resulted from long-term relationships, which our society regards with benevolence.” Scott O’Hara, who wrote these words, was one of the first to advocate unprotected anal sex between men, otherwise known as barebacking.  Here he suggests that a long-term relationship with H.I.V. might be less toxic or debilitating than a long-term relationship with certain other people.

This is not what epidemiologists, public health workers or, indeed, most people want to hear. But denying or denouncing the popularity of barebacking won’t make it go away. Plenty of men are having unprotected sex without any wish for viral transmission, paradoxical though that may sound if you still believe that gay men should never have sex without a condom. It is impossible to seek erotic intimacy under a cloud of crisis indefinitely. What I learned in my research is that gay men are pursuing bareback sex not just for the thrill of it, but also as a way to experience intimacy, vulnerability and connection. Emotional connection may be symbolized in the idea that something tangible is being exchanged. A desire for connection outweighs adherence to the rules of disease prevention.

Viewed as socially dead, H.I.V.-positive gay men began to experiment with making their own forms of life through viral exchange.  Even as H.I.V. disease slowly has become less stigmatized, it also has come to be eroticized by some members of the world in which the virus is prevalent. It has become a sexual preference, as well as a foundation for kinship, connection and community.


poz = positive for HIV.

bareback ” . . . an online forum for serosorting i.e. a place where HIV+ men could find other HIV+ to have bareback sex with, and where HIV- men could presumably find other HIV- men for bareback anal sex.  Indeed, this is what, the “original bareback only site” envisions:

“Now at you know that we are not AIDS Nazis, condom wrappers or fearful fools! What we are is a community of gay men who like the feel of raw nasty sex and want the whole world to be able to spray our holes!  That’s why we embrace a policy of containment. What does that mean – It’s simple. If poz boys stick to poz boys and neg boys stick to neg boys AIDS will be over.  It’s that simple.”

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