AIDS and Right-To-Die LGBT Allies

Posted on Human Rights Campaign in 2014:

“The Oregon [death with dignity]  law was a direct response to the AIDS crisis.”  Mark Dann, Compassion & Choices LGBT Outreach.  Article

Stealth Care asks . . .

Was Brittany Maynard’s death a charade? 

Who really will benefit from legal assisted suicide?

It’s unlikely that terminal patients her age would use assisted suicide.

Are homosexual and bisexual males dying of AIDS the real terminal patients behind the Right-To-Die Movement?  We think so.

Equality California endorses assisted suicide bill.

Email message excerpt:

eq ca

AB 15: End of Life – Authored by Assemblymember Susan Eggman, this bill would allow mentally competent adults, diagnosed by their doctor as suffering from a terminal illness, access to prescription drugs to end their own lives.  Because of the powerful support of members like you, our work continues and our enthusiasm never waivers. Help us finish the job for 2015, contact Gov. Brown today and ask him to sign AB 959 into law.
In solidarity,
Rick Zbur
Executive Director


“The Body” is a popular LGBT site for HIV/AIDS information.  They re-publish Compassion & Choices’ newsletters on their site.

C&C AIDSBarbara Coombs Lee, circled, with Compassion and Choices Board in 1993 Seattle.

10 Years of History To Build On.  Compassion and Choices Newsletter.  Fall 2004.

“Early in 1993, at the peak of the AIDS epidemic, a small group of dedicated individuals witnessed too many violent, lonely and agonized deaths. They vowed to make a difference and founded Compassion In Dying in Seattle. Since 1993, we have counseled thousands of mentally competent, terminally ill adults about aid-in-dying and fought for its legalization.”

AIDSThe Body republishes Compassion and Choices newsletters on their site.

C&C’s Facebook Page.  December 1, 2014. They facilitated Brittany Maynard’s suicide on November 1st.

“We are proud to acknowledge WorldAIDSDay.” 

C&C HIV AIDS support


MickeyMcIntire C&C 2Mickey McIntire. Funding Czar with Compassion & Choices.  

Mickey has built nonprofit civil rights organizations and served as an architect of social change movements for years. In the past decade alone, he provided fundraising and development consultation to over 1,000 organizations including Human Rights Campaign [for same-sex marriage], Disability Funders Network, Black AIDS Institute and the American Red Cross. As chief program officer, Mickey integrates core Compassion & Choices services of advocacy, consultation, education and outreach while setting and guiding the strategic direction of the organization.


Photo — ABx2-15 author Assembly Member Susan Talamantes Eggman, last one on the right.  Eggman is the chair of the California Assembly LGBT Caucus.  At her right, the tall man, is Brittany Maynard’s widow, Dan Diaz.  Third from the left, the blond, is Maynard’s mother, Debbie Ziegler.


At the left, Assembly Member Susan Talamantes Eggman, co-author of ABx2-15 The End of Life Act.  Maynard’s mother is on the right.  One of many publicity stunts orchestrated by Compassion & Choices.


Long time San Francisco LGBT activist Senator Mark Leno, center, co-author of SB-128 The End of Life Option Act;  Leno officiated at the marriage of Toni Broaddus, far right, the California Campaign Director of Compassion & Choices.
  • Important:  Over the years of Oregon Death With Dignity Reports, the data does NOT show that “pain” is the reason people choice to kill themselves.  Fear of pain, loss of dignity, and “unable to do the things I used to do” were the primary reasons, not pain.

Assisted Suicide and Pain Question.  America Magazine, a Jesuit publication.  May 26, 2015.

“I’ve seen some bad deaths [from AIDS].”  Toni Broaddus.  Compassion & Choices.

‘When you’re talking to advocates of assisted suicide, one of the things you discover right away is that most have a story, a terrible story, of someone suffering unnecessarily.  For Methodist Minister D. Ignacio Castuera, it was the AIDS patients he worked with in Hollywood.   Says California Campaign Director Toni Broaddus, “I’ve seemed some bad deaths.”’  FULL STORY – click title.

imposter castuera

September 1, 2015 Hearing.

Methodist minister Ignacio Castuera.  Gave testimony for the passage of assisted suicide bill ABx2-15.  Castuera is an advisory board member at Compassion and Choices.  He has worked for Planned Parenthood.  Sources say he is a card-carrying Communist.  He sports a phony Roman collar, reserved for Catholic priests.

At the hearing, he was addressed by Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella), a professed Catholic.

Garcia:  I’m struggling with this.  I want to ask you what are the moral arguments for or against this bill.  I see you there with the collar can help me, us, to understand a little more of that perspective.

Minister Castuera:

  • I have been an strong supporter of these kinds of bills even before the Oregon bill was passed.
  • I received a prize in Toronto for advocating these kinds of “solutions*.”  And this is because of my work as a pastor.
  • The “holy of holies” is when one passes from life into death.
  • The one decade of my life that cemented my attitude was the decade when AIDS came into the picture.” 
  • I was a pastor at Hollywood United Methodist Church.  We had weekly funerals.  No body was willing to do funerals because the majority of them at that time were gay people.
  • We were approached to provide a place for the last rituals.
  • The West Hollywood crowd that got hit hardest were wealthy.
  • They didn’t need to come to before this committee to ask for laws, they went ahead and did it.
  • This cemented my conviction that we needed to be far more humane towards one another as we confront our own finity [sic].
  • We have treated our pets better.
  • This is what God is calling us to do.

*The Nazi euthanasia program was known as a “solution,” too.

Hearing Video Locate Sept. 1, 2015, click “Video” next to “Assembly 2nd Extraordinary Session on Public Health And Developmental Services.”
  • at 01 Hour:04 minutes – Minister Castuera

“The Hemlock Society, a once obscure group who has seen its controversial message of voluntary euthanasia become vastly more accepted in recent years as a result of the AIDS epidemic.”  Hemlock leader [Derek Humphry] leaves cancer stricken wife.   New York Times.  2/8/1990.