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ABC’s 20/20 Exposes Trafficking In Fetal Body Parts for Research.

Planned Parenthood and the Trafficking of Aborted Fetuses.  First Things.

Although there are a handful of headlines such as these, mostly in the pro-life and Christian media, there exists a news blackout that predominates within the biomedical field.  They deliberately conceal from the public their experiments on human fetal tissue and organs.


We are retired public health researchers.  All Americans are touched by AIDS in one way or another.  The owners of this blog are sympathetic and not homophobic.  Two very good friends, both homosexual males, died of AIDS, one in 1983 and the other in 1993.

We are involved with and concerned about matters of public health.  The main concern here is the continued and increasing transmission of the AIDS virus, HIV.  As you will read in this blog, HIV transmission is on the rise.  We believe that the HIV virus causes AIDS.  The virus is out of control.

Our Blog is Concerned With Four Main Areas:  HIV/AIDS scientific research for a cure; HIV/AIDS budgets; the exploitation of aborted baby tissue and organs for research on HIV/AIDS; and the nexus of the AIDS Movement and the Right-To-Die movement.  We also touch on antiretroviral drugs and their effectiveness; and how HIV has influenced education, society and medicine.

hum-mice for hiv

HIV infection is preventable.  Public school prevention curricula are the first and possibly only source of information for young people.  However, we do not agree with the establishment that so-called “sex ed” programs in public schools teach children how best to prevent HIV/AIDS, and that is chastity.  Young people should never engage in sexual activities.  Never.   Instead, these programs are designed to encourage children to be promiscuous.  Engaging in sex behaviors before marriage and then never with anyone other than one’s spouse is not the focus of these programs.  They sexualize children and lead them away from their family’s values.

HIV/AIDS expenditures have skyrocketed.  If you are a taxpayer like ourselves, you are owed an explanation about what your money is funding and why.  To that end, we give you a glance at the FY2016 federal AIDS research and treatment budgets.  In addition, California taxpayers funded CIRM, the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, over $3 Billion over a 10 year period for stem cell research that exploits much more than the cells of aborted babies.  We provide you with information on what is involved.

A secondary concern is the so-called Right-To-Die Movement’s predatory practices involving terminal patients.   We explore the intertwined work between that movement and the AIDS Movement.

Why Stealth Care?  All of the information in this blog has been discovered on our own.  This ought to be of concern for everyone because this “stealth” scientific research exists in our hospitals and our communities.  

We live in an age of rapid change of previously unthinkable attitudes toward human life.  The most troubling change is in medicine and includes:  the increasing acceptance of physician-assisted suicide; tissue and organ trafficking from aborted babies; and lab experiments that combine human organs with mouse and rat organs.  These examples only touch the surface as we recognize that we are at an enormous disadvantage.   We have no one in these laboratories to represent our views about their experiments.   They are tinkering with human life at every age of development.   We’ve just scratched the surface.   It  leaves us wondering what other “stealth care” threatens us in the form of pharmaceuticals and medical treatment.

*Cybercast News Service article.  July 7, 2015.

Page updated 11/28/2015.


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